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Hi, I'm
Rory Alec

  • Host of Good Morning World
  • Founder of Rory Alec Media
  • Daily hosting of Good Morning World and Daily Grind.
  • Pieces of my week on Spirit, Soul & Body Vlog

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Rory was born in South Africa in 1965 and was an avid musician as a child, playing the drums and piano. He started his working career in the advertising industry where he produced TV commercials. He never lost his love of music and today is a music pro­ducer and host of Good Morning World.

Rory Alec was GOD TV’s CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman from 1995 to 2014. He was often featured on GOD TV hosting LIVE broad­ casts and popular series such as Rory’s Revival Report, Behind The Screens as well as Friday Night Live

He travelled extensively setting up GOD TV offices in the USA, UK, Africa, Asia and Australasia meeting with the heads of key ministries and Heads of State in different nations. He also spearheaded a number of philan­thropic initiatives in his home continent of Africa as well as in Israel.


In the recent revolution in media content that has exploded through the web and smart devices. Social Media casting has become mainstream and accessible for everyone. There has never been a more important time for strong, clear and nuance voices to be heard.


Rory grew GOD TV from day one to a global network, boasting hundreds of millions viewers, broadcasting into 212 nations including international offices and global markets in the USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and everywhere in between.


''I see Vision everywhere, not just in my own life but everyone else's life as well and I think that is part of being an Encourager.''

''God will walk with you through your Vision.''



Join and support Rory on this new journey after a period of rest and restoration accompanied by His Leading. Rory is full of Vision to touch people through media.

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